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High Android With React Native Training

Android with React Native Training

Android with React Native Certification Course Fee, Syllabus and Jobs

What is react native? 

check icon Abstracting React from the DOM 

check icon Advantages of React Native 

check icon React Native vs Web Apps 

check icon React Native vs React web 

Getting started  

check icon Installing React Native 

check icon iOS setup – XCode 

check icon Android setup – Android Studio 

check icon Run an example project in iOS and Android simulators 3.Core React native Components  

check icon Establishing a layout with View 

check icon Displaying text with Text 

check icon Accepting user input with TextInput 

check icon Adding images with Image 

check icon Making components interactive with TouchableHighlight Displaying data with ListView 

check icon Changing screens with Navigator 

check icon Expanding touch capability with GestureResponder and PanResponder



check icon Issues with CSS 

check icon Inline Styles 

check icon Create Immutable style objects with Stylesheet.create Pass styles as props 

check icon Positioning components with flexbox 


React Native APIs 

check icon Using fetch to retrieve data 

check icon Getting a user’s location and handling permissions Accessing stored photos with CameraRoll 

check icon Adding animations 



check icon Deploying to Apple App Store 

check icon Deploying to Android Play Store 


Authentication with firebase 

check icon A Common Root Component 

check icon Copying Reusable Components 

check icon What is Firebase?

check icon Firebase Client Setup 

check icon Login Form Scaffolding 

check icon Handling User Inputs 

check icon More on Handling User Inputs 

check icon How to Create Controlled Components Making Text Inputs From Scratch A Focus on Passing Props 

check icon Making the Input Pretty 

check icon Wrapping up Inputs 

check icon Password Inputs 


Processing Authentication Credentials  

check icon Logging a User In 

check icon Error Handling 

check icon More on Authentication Flow 

check icon Creating an Activity Spinner  

check icon Conditional Rendering of JSX 

check icon Clearing the Form Spinner 

check icon Handling Authentication Events 

check icon More on Conditional Rendering 

check icon Logging a User Out and Wrapup



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