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Are you looking for the Best Online AWS Training Institute in Noida? JavaTpoint is one of the leading training institutes that provides Aws classes with a live project led by a professional instructor. Our Amazon Web Services (AWS) training in Noida is primarily designed to satisfy the needs of students, graduates, working professionals, and freelancers. We provide comprehensive AWS Domain training as well as deep dives to help you establish a successful career in any role.

With our AWS Training program in Noida, you will learn how to create and scale AWS Cloud installations from an AWS Certified professional teacher. We guarantee that the course content for both freshers and working professionals will be produced by industry experts and in compliance with current industry standards. Also, you will achieve competence in identifying AWS platform terms and concepts through this program.  You will also get experience with services including EC2, S3, RDS, and EBS, as well as the AWS Management Console.

Data management has become a difficult task in the digital age. For rising markets, data storage has become a pain, and upkeep has become an over-budgeting issue. The one-stop solution for ongoing data storage and access problems is Amazon Web Services (AWS) as IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) and PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service). Companies are looking for AWS Certified IT Professionals and moving to AWS for cloud ecosystems because Amazon is the industry leader in the cloud arena. Our AWS Certification in Noida will prepare you for the work market.

Why to Enroll in Our AWS Training Course?

Innovative concepts, high-quality training, clever classes, 100% employment assistance, and creating chances to find a job in the sectors are all priorities for us. Our AWS instructors have a lot of expertise in this profession. We, at JavaTpoint, offer the No. 1 Aws Course with the best placement assistance.

What will you learn in AWS Course in Noida?

Contact us right now to schedule your class with a professional trainer if you really want to start a career in AWS. Our instructors have a lot of expertise in offering training. We are regarded as the top AWS Training Institute in Noida. With high-quality AWS Course Training in Noida, you can improve your understanding of Cloud Technologies and advance in your profession.

Student help, industry expert mentors, career services, and hands-on projects are all available. Guidance on a professional path Getting Rid of Doubts as Soon as Possible. Salary Increase by 50%, Career Counselling Case Studies + Tools, as well as a Certificate

You can do the following tasks after completing the Amazon Web Services Certification Course:

  • Learn how to set up and configure AWS EC2 servers.
  • Make the switch to Amazon Web Service Infrastructure for your apps.
  • Learn how to scale up or scale down infrastructure on Demand.
  • Designing and architecting the business requirements in accordance with industry best practises.
  • Set up safety and security features.
  • Manage internet-based remote servers for application deployment, data storage, management, and processing.
  • System traffic is monitored and tracked.
  • Create a network-based secure file transfer system.
  • Creating solutions that are extremely available.

Benefits of AWS Training & Certifications

Our AWS training program will take you from the beginning to the conclusion. After finishing the Amazon web services course from here, you will be an expert in making architectural decisions based on particular AWS architectural principles. We have well-experienced trainers that will instruct you on all current cloud technologies, which help you to get place in the organizations. Join us to learn how to upgrade the AWS infrastructure in order to make it more capable while lowering costs and improving performance.

Aws Training

The module of the AWS Architect Certification Training is designed in a way that will teach you about AWS's various projects as well as services. Also, you will get information about AWS's Global Infrastructure.  Different types of EC2 instances and instance purchasing choices will be covered in the AWS training module. Learning objective: you will learn about Amazon's EC2 compute service in this module of the AWS Architect Certification Training in Noida. Furthermore, you will understand about Amazon Machine Images (AMI) and the differences between Elastic IP and Public IP.  It also contains a demonstration of how to launch an AWS EC2 instance, connect to it, and host a website on it.

In modern times, AWS is being used by over a million clients to perform faster as compared to ever before. You will be kept up to date. Existing on-premises applications may be transferred to Amazon's cloud by learning how to build and implement scalable, available, and fault-tolerant systems on AWS platforms. Control the flow of data into and out of the AWS platform. Select the appropriate services based on the organization's data, security, and compute requirements. Determine and describe the best practises for utilizing AWS architecture. When you enrol in this top AWS course in Noida for a better career, you will be able to estimate the cost of AWS as well as choose cost control techniques for efficiency at your business.

Scope of Amazon Web Service Training Program

Companies are hiring the top people in the industry who have great skills. In the industries, the demand has been increased for engineers that are well-versed in Amazon Web Services. As a result, being properly qualified and proficient in a technology improves one's opportunity of securing the job of one's dreams. As a result, JavaTpoint is one of the best AWS training institutes in Noida, providing 100% placement assistance to all students enrolled in AWS program in Noida. We provide a well-structured curriculum for students, organisations, and working professionals at our AWS training in Noida. Amazon Web Services Training is available at JavaTpoint on weekdays and weekends as well. We also provide fast-track training courses for working professionals who want to improve their skills quickly.

Types of Aws Certification Course

  • AWS Solution Architect Professional
  • AWS Solution Architect Associate
  • DevOps Associate
  • AWS Devops Professional

Join 6 Weeks/3 Months Aws Training in Noida

A rigorous hands-on Industrial Training, Summer Training, and Winter Training curriculum in AWS technology has also been designed by JavaTpoint, which lasts 4/6 weeks to 6 months. The AWS Training modules are structured by our instructors in such a way that they cover all of the major aspects of AWS in depth. We also provide candidates a well-known and acknowledged certifications upon successful completion of the course, which help to get entry into the organizations.

Join Aws Certification Course With 100% Job Placement Assistance

Our AWS Program is meant to help students get ready for work in the MNCs. This curriculum is not only responsible for teaching students the fundamentals of AWS, but it will also give them hands-on experience with the help of allowing them to work on real-world projects. We ensure that students receive one-on-one attention from their instructors in order to gain a better understanding of the technology. Trainers also answer questions and administer tests on a regular basis to verify that each student understands what they have learned in the training session. As a result, it will pave the road for their triumph. JavaTpoint will assist its learners with placement aid once the AWS Course is completed.

Why You Should Choose JavaTpoint for Aws Training?

The instructors at JavaTpoint are highly qualified and have years of experience. We provide both theoretical and practical information regarding the course. We also have a lab where you may put theoretical concepts into practise. Our institute is the top training college in Noida since it provides not only good lectures about training but also excellent job assistance to candidates. AWS Training in Noida is created in such a way that students gain a thorough understanding of the technology. The program is appropriate for recent graduates as well as AWS professionals who are searching for ways to advance their careers or advance in their organisations. It is also appropriate for recent graduates who are looking to begin their careers.

Our trainers give all relevant information, allowing each candidate to be positioned depending on their qualifications. Moreover, throughout our placement drives, we have interaction with multinational corporations (MNCs) that hire our students.

  • Trainers who are qualified and experienced.
  • Technical Mock Tests are offered online to assess technical abilities.
  • Go to the online support site if you need any help during the course.
  • Our mentors support each understudy in preparing for a live project and in providing genuine project training to each learner.
  • We also met with our interns and gave each of them a device to aid in their search for a new career path.
  • Online Feedback That Is Transparent The mechanism will continue to improve.

Is AWS training hard?

Although, there is no doubt; every level of AWS training certification can be challenging. Even if you are crazy about learning something, no one can stop you from learning. Similarly, you can also learn AWS easily by working hard and giving it valuable time. In the market, these certificates have extreme value. Having any of these verifies a certain amount of platform experience, which can be extremely beneficial to your future.

How JavaTpoint Provides Best Placement Assistance?

In terms of providing placement assistance to all students, JavaTpoint is the Best AWS Training Institute in Noida.

Students are also taught how to make their own resumes. Our placement section also helps every student find work with MNCs like TCS, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, Accenture, and others. The placement department collaborates with other departments and works as a team to develop students in order to satisfy the demands of various industries.

Our Placement Department is proactive and business-savvy, and we take pleasure in having a strong, skilled network across a wide range of industries. Our students are taught AWS projects by a team of industry specialists. In Noida, we provide a Quality in Amazon Web Services Course that prepares industry professionals to be deployable and expert.

Does AWS require coding?

No. Many simple operations may be accomplished without coding; therefore, getting started with and using AWS does not require any coding knowledge. You may still be required to master certain programming skills; on the basis of the job/talents you have (or need).

What is the Average Salary of an AWS Solutions Architect?

The 2018 IT Skills and Salary Survey gathered information from 16,000 professionals, 807 of whom were AWS certified.

As the demand for AWS certified professionals increases, so does their compensation and benefits package. With an average annual pay-out of $118,266 in the United States, the AWS solutions architect accreditation is the highest-paying qualification.

AWS Course curriculum  

Learning Objectives: In this module of AWS Architect Certification Training, you will learn about the different projects and services of AWS. You will also understand the Global Infrastructure of AWS. The AWS training module will also cover different types of EC2 instances and instance purchasing options. 


What is Cloud Computing? 

AWS Certification 

AWS Product and Services 

AWS Global Infrastructure and its benefits 

AWS Regions 

EC2 and EC2 Instances 

EC2 Purchasing Options 


Signing up for a free tier account with AWS 

****Amazon Ec2 

Learning objectives: In this module of AWS Architect Certification Training, you  will get introduced to the compute service offered from AWS, called EC2. You will  also learn about different Amazon Machine Image (AMI) and gain knowledge on  Elastic IP vs Public IP. It also includes a demo on launching an AWS EC2  instance, connecting to it and hosting a website on the AWS EC2 instance. 


EC2 Instance 

Security Group 


Create Security Group

Ubuntu and Windows Instance 

Hands On/Demo: 

Creating an Elastic IP 

***** Storage services and AWS CLI 

Learning Objectives: In this module of AWS Architect Certification Training, you  will learn about the different storage services offered by AWS and how they can  be used to transfer data from one place to another. You will also learn traditional  storage Tier’s vs Vault Storage. 


Traditional Storage Tiers 

Cloud Storage 

Type of AWS Storage & Storage options 

AWS Storage Services 

EBS, EBS Volume and EBS Storage 

S3 (Simple Storage Service) 

AWS Glacier Service 

AWS Storage Gateway 

AWS Snowball Service 

AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) 

Hands On/Demo: 

Restoring an Amazon EBS Volume from a Snapshot 

Hosting a Website on Amazon S3 

Create a Volume Snapshot through AWS Command Line Interface **** Virtual Private cloud & Direct Connect 

Learning Objectives: In this module of AWS Architect Training, you will be  introduced to Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. It will help you understand how you  can make public and private subnets with AWS VPC, along with a demo on  creating VPC. This module will also provide an overview of AWS Direct Connect. 


VPC & Components of VPC 

Direct Connect 

CIDR Notations 

VPC Components 

Benefits of VPC 

Hands On/Demo: 

Build the Non- Default VPC 


Learning Objectives: In this module of AWS Architect Training, you will learn  about the different database services offered by AWS to deal with structured and  unstructured data. 


Amazon RDS 

Benefits of RDS 

Types of databases instances 

Amazon Aurora 


Amazon DynamoDB 

Amazon RedShift 


Hands On/Demo:

Creating a MySQL DB Instance via Relational Database Service (RDS) Creating Tables, Loading Sample Data and running queries 

To Create Memcached Cluster 

****Elastic Load Balancing & Auto scaling 

Learning Objectives: In this module of AWS Architect Training, you will learn  concepts like ‘Scaling’ and ‘Load distribution techniques’ in AWS. It also includes  a demo around load distribution and scaling your resources horizontally based on  time or activity. 


Load Balancer 

Auto Scaling 

Hands On/Demo: 

Load Balancer 

Auto Scaling 

***** Route 53 & Management Tools 

Learning Objectives: In this AWS Architect Training, you will learn Route 53 and  different management tools. It will cover monitoring AWS resources, setting up  alerts and notifications for AWS resources and AWS usage billing with AWS  CloudWatch. 


Domain Name & DNS Server 

Auto Scaling 

Route 53 

Management tools in AWS 



Setting up a Billing Alert 

Cloud Formation 

Hands On/Demo: 

Pay as you go 

Auto Scaling 

Enabling CloudTrail Log Delivery to a S3 Bucket 

Graph of EC2 Instances 

CloudWatch Dashboard 

Cloud Formation 

***** Application Services , AWS Lambda & Elastic Beanstalk 

Learning Objectives: In this AWS Architect Training, you will learn about the  different application services of AWS that are used for sending emails and  notifications. It also deals with the various compute services of AWS through  which you can run your existing code in the cloud. 


Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) 

Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) 

Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) 

AWS Lambda 

AWS Elastic Beanstalk 

Hands On/Demo: 



Create a Lambda Function for saving an Object in Amazon S3

Launch an Application using Elastic Beanstalk 

***** Opsworks , Security & Identity Services  

Learning Objectives: In this AWS Architect Training, you will understand how  ‘OpsWorks’ work, its various components and how to create Chef recipes for  ‘OpsWorks’. You will also learn how to achieve distribution of access control with  AWS using IAM. 


OpsWorks Security & Identity Services 

Components of AWS OpsWorks 

Security & Identify Services 

Key Management Service 

Hands On/Demo: 

Creating a OpsWorks stack and deploy an app in the stack 

Creating an IAM user in AWS account, encrypt data stored in an S3 bucket  using an encryption key 

***** Project Discussion & Mock Test  

Learning Objectives: This module is primarily a demo of an AWS Project using  a real-life case study. It also has a Q&A session to prepare learners for AWS  certifications. 


Hands on workshop 


An overview of the AWS certifications



The javaTpoint Advantage:

We partner with you to understand and address your unique transformation imperatives. We work in transparent consultation with you to devise best-in-class solutions and define the best course of action to implement them across your organization. Our integrated consulting and IT services will bring continuity and consistency to your strategic programs.

We will help you with the following:

  • Adapt to the changing market conditions.
  • Adapt new technologies.
  • Innovate continually.
  • Align IT with business goals.
  • Optimize costs, while maintaining high customer satisfaction.
  • Accelerate time-to-market for new products and services.
  • Integrate distributed operations and systems into a cohesive organization.

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