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16-November-2022 Microsoft Azure

How to Build a Career With Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification?

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certificate enables the user to learn basic knowledge about cloud services, models, pricing and security. It helps to demonstrate one's knowledge about cloud computing.

How to Build a Career With Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification?

Introduction to Microsoft Azure

As the name indicates, Azure cloud computing was launched by Microsoft Company in 2008. It is also called Windows Azure. The operating system used is Windows, IOS, Android and Linux. The companies using Microsoft Azure are Samsung, Boeing, BMW, Travelocity, Boeing, GE Healthcare, Wal-Mart, Verizon, etc., where azure offers around 600 services. It provides the cloud platform, which includes PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS. The demand for Azure cloud computing increases as it allows the user to choose their desired programming language, frameworks, and tools, which allows the third-party software system. These unique features make Azure available in 66 regions.

What is Microsoft Azure Certification?

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certificate enables the user to learn basic knowledge about cloud services, models, pricing and security. It helps to demonstrate one's knowledge about cloud computing. The user can learn about Azure cloud models, policies and working processes. Moreover, it covers storage, computing, IT and Infrastructure support, application development and deployment. To get a certificate, one should register for the exam and get qualified for the test.

Why should one learn Microsoft Azure Basic Fundamental Course?

The usage of cloud computing is increasing daily, from startups to large enterprises, because of its feature, including storage, sharing and handling of multiple data without any data loss. In the upcoming years, mostly the majority of the enterprise will move to cloud computing to balance their workload. It reduces the stress of the people, allowing them to access the data in the cloud whenever they need it with a stable internet connection. So there is a high demand for professionals well versed in maintaining cloud infrastructure and applications. Many cloud service companies offer training and certificates to pursue a good career path in the future. One such certificate is offered by Microsoft Azure which is called Microsoft Azure Fundamental Certificate.

Let's look at the top 10 reasons one should get Microsoft Azure Fundamental Certificate.

1. Multiple Roles

Microsoft Azure provides various roles for certification, including security engineer, solutions architect, DevOps Engineer, developer, cloud administrator, solution architect, and AI Engineer, includes of about nine roles. The learner can choose their desired roles and gets certified, which is a good start for their career. The certified professionals get their desired job in various fields, including banking, military and large industries. One can choose their desired location based on their job position, like the U.K, U.S, Asia, etc.

2. Best Package

Another reason for choosing Microsoft Azure is that it provides the best package for the concerned professionals. The certificate shows the talent of the persons, where they can get well paid based on the demand. The salary ranges from 8.1 lakhs to 56.7 lakhs per year from the basic to the highest position. It may vary from region to region and based on the positions.

3. Various Learning Tools

Learning Microsoft Azure cloud technology is easy for new learners and experienced ones, where they are provided with various sources, including e-books, tutorials, and online videos. Apart from these, Hadoop, Eclipse, and GitHub help learners learn easily. Microsoft Azure training library provides training based on both technically and theoretically.

4. Growth in Career

One can easily get good growth in a career as Azure offers multiple role-based technologies. As the demand for the Azure cloud increases, the demand for professionals also increases. One can easily shift to various roles where the salary gets easily hiked. The majority of the government sectors are using the Azure cloud. Therefore certified people can get easily placed in government jobs.

5. DevOps Skill

DevOps is called development and operation. By learning this technology, one can solve customer queries effectively by providing a better solution. It helps to combine both people and products to meet the business requirement. DevOps skill is used in cloud computing for automation, developing an application, and managing a cloud environment which delivers the work at the specified time.

6. Course Completion

One should show full dedication and commitment to completing the Microsoft Azure course. Learning the course completely helps the learners in their career path. Certification Learning Path provided by Microsoft Azure helps one to stay focused. The course completion certificate is added as an advantage to the resume and various career opportunities, which helps grasp an opportunity in this competitive world.

7. Provides Better Platform

One of the features of Microsoft Azure is that it provides a .NET programming language to integrate with Azure cloud to develop applications. .NET is a widely-used programming language by developers which is flexible and open source. As Microsoft develops it, it is easily integrated with the cloud and provides community support. Added this advantage, one can easily develop and deploy the application. Both the experienced and new learners are easy to use the .NET platform. Apart from this, it also provides various coding platforms, including Linux, Java, and Php, where the coding platform is easily integrated with Azure, where they need not worry about searching for other cloud service providers.

8. Security

Coming to the concept of Security, Azure enables proper security to the cloud using various tools called Security Development Lifecycle (SDL). It is certified as ISO 27018 for cloud privacy. Hence users can develop their applications without worrying about security and privacy. Azure provides a Microsoft Azure Security Technologies certificate to pursue a career as Azure Security Engineer. The security engineer is responsible for handling hybrid cloud and cloud architecture.

9. Easy Learning Process

Learners need not worry about Azure new tools. Many easy learning tools are available such as Hadoop, Xcode and Eclipse. Learning easy tools, the new ones adapt to the Azure technology and services. Thus it provides flexibility to the users.

10. Be a professional Artificial Intelligence Engineer.

Nowadays, the demand for artificial intelligence is increasing day by day. Azure provides a certificate of Azure Artificial Intelligence. Certified professionals help ones to pursue a good career. To pursue a certification, one should pass the examination regarding the knowledge of computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing and bots.


The above article discusses the reason for choosing Microsoft Azure Certification. Being a certified professional in Azure will help to pursue a career in the Cloud Computing field. One can easily build a career using Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification.



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