C Syllabus

Basics of C

History and Features of C
Importance of C
About Procedural Language
Role of Compiler
Role of Interpreter
The Structure of a C Program
Writing C Programs
Building an Executable Version of a C Program
Debugging a C Program
Examining and Running a C Application Program

An Overview Of C And Buzzwords

Data Type, Variable
Control Statement
Preprocessor Directives Input and Output Operators
Reading/Writing Charecters
Formatted input/output Function

Control Statement

The IF.....ELSE Statement
IF......ELSE ladder
Nesting of IF.....ELSE Statements
The Switching Statements
The do-while Statement
The while statement
FOR Statements

Array in C

Array : What and Why?
One Dementions Arrays
Two Dementions Arrays
Multi Dimentions Arrays
Dynamic Arrays

String Handling

Reading String from Terminal
Writing String to Screen
String Handling Functions
Table of String

Function in C

Function Basics
Advantage of Function
Variable Storage Classes
Variable arguments Function

Pointers in C

Understading Pointers
Pointer expressions
Pointer and Arrays
Pointers and Character String
Pointers to Functions
Pointers and Structures

Structures and Unions

Defining a Structure
Advantage of Structure
Size of Structure
Arrays of Structures
Structures and Functions
Defining Unions

Dynamic Memory allocation

Introduction to Dynamic Memory Allocation


Concepts of Linked Lists
Creating a Linked Lists
Inserting/Deleting an item
Application of Linked Lists

File Management in C

Introduction to File Management
Opening/Closing a File
Input/Output operations on Files
Error Handling During I/O Operations
Command Line Arguments


Macro Substitution
File Inclusion
Computer Control Directives

Project Development

Creating Viruses

C++ Syllabus

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