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Are you searching for the best Microsoft Azure Training Institute in Noida that offers online courses? JavaTpoint offers the best Azure training in Noida based on real-world projects, enabling candidates to meet current industry standards and secure a bright future. Our Azure training programme in Noida will help students, undergrads, graduates, working professionals, and freelancers.  We keep up with the market's expanding competition with the help of providing learners with the greatest possible support in the form of an end-to-end learning experience. We offer end-to-end Azure Domain training, as well as deeper dives into how to build a winning career for any profile.

The Microsoft Azure Administration Associate course will show you how to manage network traffic and your Azure membership, establish virtual networking, back up and exchange data across the internet, as well as deploy memory solutions.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is a Microsoft product that is a cloud system that is tailored to the needs of businesses. It is well-known for its open, adaptable, and secure platform, which enables users to access a vast array of services in a range of languages and operating systems. Businesses that utilise Azure for their operations may get instant access to world-class technologies that help them improve their delivery capabilities. It's a powerful cloud platform in and of itself, with enhanced adaptability and agility. It has a huge number of data centres as well as transportation hubs, which enable moving material at high speeds and provide an optimum client experience. Azure is an excellent place to start if you want to start a new career in cloud computing. Those who want to develop in their existing job may also benefit from the certification and advance their professional path by becoming certified. If you take the certification seriously, it can open a lot of doors for you.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure Training in Noida

Companies all over the world are migrating to cloud technology, and they are looking for seasoned experts to assist them. Your certification as an Azure administrator will help you further your career in this industry. Microsoft Azure Training in Noida by JavaTpoint will certainly help you achieve your goals.

There are some benefits of Microsoft Azure, which are as follows:

Flexibility: Simple coding can be used in order to build apps that are fast, reliable, and scalable to a large number of users. Azure Storage offers cloud-based storage that is configurable, secure, as well as performant. Changing settings and using additional processors for the programme is certainly easier.

Microsoft has been able to pass on bulk savings to their consumers due to their enormous client base, making it extremely cost-effective. It's also wonderful that, as Amazon AWS and Google grow more competitive, Azure Certification prices will reduce. Azure is also built on a pay-as-you-go model, which reduces the upfront expenses for small businesses, and those that join a Microsoft contract can get an extra enterprise discount.

Security Offerings: A pre-planned security technique is referred to as security. It is built with security in mind, and private data and services are kept secure on the Cloud. Furthermore, this is an excellent opportunity to learn about the new worldwide standard for Cloud security. As a result, Microsoft guarantees the greatest level of security for all Cloud data, as well as Microsoft certification.

Profitability: Because the foundation is managed by Microsoft, the company's expenditures are kept to a minimal, which is beneficial to the organisation. No other cloud provider can link data centres to the cloud like it. Experts will maintain the organization's infrastructure in the cloud up to date at all times, with support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The applicant will learn how to install, configure, and deploy Web applications.

The applicant will learn how to set up and customise virtual machines.

In addition, the applicant will be able to create and manage storage accounts, as well as the blobs and containers included inside them.

Azure for Students

  • Students can easily access it.
  • Get free engineer tools
  • Assemble skills using a variety of learning methods and laboratories.
  • No Mastercard required.
  • Everyone, including students, has access to it.

Azure Training in Noida is beneficial in terms of organisational advancement, as well as self-knowledge and experience. To work with this technology, the candidate must be proficient in Azure Training. The training will help you gain a better understanding of the culture while also improving Windows Server workloads. To master this technology fast and successfully, you'll need a basic grasp of Windows and cloud computing, as well as the Best Azure Training Institute in Noida. Microsoft Azure training at JavaTpoint in Noida prepares applicants to be experts in designing and managing applications. Employees and learners benefit much from classroom training sessions, which include:

  • Windows Server administrators
  • Database administrators.
  • IT specialists.

During this program, candidates will learn about distributed computing standards and how they have been implemented. This course also teaches students how to set up the centre structure, which includes virtual systems and capacity. With this material, candidates may learn how to develop the most well-known management, SQL Databases, and Web Apps. You will be an expert in the following areas after completing this program:

  • Distributed Computing.
  • Creating Azure Web Apps.
  • Azure virtual system.
  • Creating VMs in Microsoft Azure.
  • Describing and convey databases in Azure.
  • Describing Azure stockpiling and Azure AD.

Why Will This Course Change Your Career?

If you are new to Azure or transferring from another platform, if you just want to show off your existing cloud skills, or if you want to advance into a high-paying cloud career, Microsoft Azure certifications are a great choice for you. In recent years, its credential value has risen dramatically, and our institute offers Microsoft Azure Administration Associate Certification Course in Noida.

Why JavaTpoint?

JavaTpoint is one of the top IT training and professional institutes in Noida. We have a team of top professionals who have a better experience in their field. They teach students how to use Azure in real-world scenarios. We give Quality Training in Noida in order to produce industry-ready and knowledgeable workers. We provide professional certification to our students and are accredited partners with a number of Multinational Corporations (MNCs). Therefore, we are the best Azure Training Institute in Noida.

Our institute is the best Azure institute in Noida for the following reasons:

  • JavaTpoint is a Microsoft, Citrix, EC-Council, IBM, VMWare, and NASSCOM Authorized Learning Partner.
  • Trainers who are qualified and experienced.
  • Students can use the lab facilities according to their schedule.
  • After completing the course, you will receive 100% job assistance.
  • Technical Mock Tests are offered online to assess technical abilities.
  • For any assistance throughout the training delivery, go to the online support portal.
  • With eBooks and Videos, you can study for free.
  • Online Feedback That Is Transparent The mechanism will continue to improve.

Top Companies Hire Cloud Practitioner Specialists

All Azure certifications may be acquired remotely, apart from adding value to your business and career, which allow you to get certified while working from home. The IT firm has experienced a rapid transformation, focusing on cloud computing. This allows users to quickly save big amounts of data and allows several clients to access the same information and folders with minimal effort. The versatility of cloud platforms is now being embraced by many enterprises. If you want to start a new career and learn more about cloud computing, earning a Microsoft Azure Administration Associate is a great place to start. Microsoft Azure Training in Noida is provided by JavaTpoint with the best facilities.

Is Microsoft Azure easy to learn?

Whether Microsoft Azure is simple to learn or not is entirely dependent on the student who is learning. How a learner learns a tool is determined by his or her capability, mental power, as well as grasping ability. It is never easy or difficult to comprehend a tool. It all depends on the learner's ability to absorb information. However, if we believe the majority of certified Microsoft Azure users, Azure is simple to understand.

Azure Training

JavaTpoint offers the most in-demand Azure skills and hands-on Microsoft Azure training for the highest-paying cloud certifications. With our new AZ-900 Azure Foundations curriculum, you will learn how to convert servers to Azure, master technical skills like Python programming, Scripting for System Administrators, and more.

We also give a comprehensive Introduction to Azure course for novices, as well as specific Microsoft Azure training programs such as Azure AD, Cosmos DB, Cloud services, etc.

Training Specialization

Cloud computing is increasing day by day rapidly gaining traction across many industries, resulting in a slew of new and intriguing work opportunities. These chances are open to developers and architects, as well as security professionals and business analysts. The basic information, talents, and confidence needed to begin your Microsoft Azure certification profession will be provided by JavaTpoint institute Azure training centre in Noida.

Four courses are used to design this Microsoft Azure Foundations AZ-900 Test Prep Specialization that will give you a firm foundation of critical information to help you pass the AZ-900 certification test and pursue a career in the cloud. Also, the target domains of the AZ-900 test are closely tied to the content of this program.

Throughout the course, participants will engage in some interactive tasks that will allow them to put what they have learned into practice. They make use of the Microsoft Learn Simulator. This is the best place where candidates will be able to learn about Microsoft Azure while also interacting with real-time Azure programs and infrastructure as well.

Placement Assistance After Microsoft Azure Development Training in Noida

  • With the help of a dedicated placement cell that supports and assists students during the placement process, JavaTpoint is the world leader in providing placement assistance to students.
  • We also offer the greatest Resume Building Service, assisting students in creating resumes that are up to date with industry standards.
  • Personality Development activities, such as group discussions, mock interviews, and presentation skills, are held on a regular basis at our institute to assist students in developing their overall personalities and presenting themselves successfully during interviews.
  • We have assisted students in our institute in landing dream employment at firms such as, HCL, Accenture, Wipro, TCS, IBM and others.

Azure Essentials  

Mode of Training- Instructor lead, Step by step Hands-on labs class room training  guide 

Design and implement websites  

Deploy websites  

  • Defining deployment slots  
  • Rolling back deployments  
  • Creating hosting plans  
  • Migrating websites between hosting plans  
  • Creating a website within a hosting plan  

Configure websites  

  • Defining and using app settings  
  • Defining and using connection strings  
  • Defining and using request handler mappings  
  • Defining and using virtual directories and virtual  


  • Configure custom domains  
  • Configuring certificates  
  • Configuring SSL bindings  
  • Managing websites by using the API, Windows  

PowerShell, and the Cross Platform Command Line  

Interface (xplat-cli)  

Configure diagnostics, monitoring, and analytics 

  • Retrieving diagnostics data and viewing streaming  logs  
  • Configuring diagnostics  
  • Using remote debugging  
  • Configuring endpoint monitoring  
  • Configuring alerts  
  • Monitoring website resources  

Implement WebJobs 

  • Writing WebJobs using the SDK  
  • Packaging and deploying WebJobs  
  • Scheduling WebJobs  

Configure websites for scale and resilience  

  • Configuring auto-scale using built-in and custom  
  • schedules  
  • Configuring auto-scale by metric  
  • Changing the size of an instance  
  • Configuring Traffic Manager  

Design and implement applications for scale and resilience  o Selecting a pattern  

o Implementing transient fault handling for services and  responding to throttling  

o Disabling Application Request Routing (ARR) affinity  

Create and manage virtual machines  

Deploy workloads on Azure virtual machines  

o Identifying supported workloads  

o Creating a VM  

Create and manage a VM image or virtual hard disk  o Creating specialized and generalized VM images  

o Uploading VHDs to Azure  

o Creating disks  

o Creating a VM using existing disks  

o Generalizing a VM  

o Creating or capturing a VM image  

o Instantiating a VM instance from a VM image  

o Copying images between storage accounts  

Perform configuration management  

o VM Agent and VM extensions  

o Configuring VMs with Custom Script Extension  

o Using PowerShell DSC  

o Configuring VMs with DSC 

o Using the Puppet and Chef configuration management  tools  

o Enabling Puppet extensions  

o Enabling Chef extensions  

o Enabling remote debugging  

Configure VM networking  

o Configuring DNS at the cloud service level  

o Configuring endpoints with instance-level public IP  addresses  

o Configuring endpoints with reserved IP addresses  o Configuring access control lists  

o Load balancing endpoints and configuring health  


o Configuring Direct Server Return and keep-alive  

o Leveraging name resolution within a cloud service  o Configuring firewall rules  

Scale VMs  

o Scaling up and scaling down VM sizes  

o Configuring availability sets  

o Configuring auto-scale  

Design and implement VM storage  

o Planning for storage capacity  

o Configuring storage pools  

o Configuring disk caching  

o Configuring geo-replication  

o Configuring shared storage using Azure File storage 

Monitor VMs  

  • Configuring monitoring and diagnostics  
  • Configuring endpoint monitoring  
  • Configuring alerts  
  • Monitoring metrics  

Design and implement cloud services  

Design and develop a cloud service  

  • Installing SDKs and emulators  
  • Developing a web or worker role 
  • Design and implement resiliency  
  • Developing startup tasks  

Configure cloud services and roles  

  • o Configuring instance size and count  
  • o Configuring auto-scale  
  • o Configuring cloud service networking  
  • o Configuring local storage  
  • o Configuring multiple websites in a web role  
  • o Configuring custom domains  
  • o Configuring caching  

Deploy a cloud service  

  • o Packaging a deployment  
  • o Upgrading a deployment  
  • o VIP swapping a deployment  
  • o Implementing continuous delivery from Visual Studio  Online  
  • o Implementing runtime configuration changes using  the management portal  
  • o Configuring regions and affinity groups  

Monitor and debug a cloud service  

  • o Configuring diagnostics  
  • o Profiling resource consumption  
  • o Enabling remote debugging  
  • o Enabling and using Remote Desktop Protocol  
  • o Debugging using IntelliTrace  
  • o Debugging using the emulator  

Design and implement a storage strategy  

Implement Azure Storage blobs and Azure files  o Creating a container  

  • Finding your account access key  
  • Uploading a blob  
  • Reading data  
  • Changing data  
  • Setting metadata on a container  
  • Storing data using block and page blobs 
  • Streaming data using blobs  
  • Accessing blobs securely  
  • Implementing an async blob copy  
  • Configuring the Content Delivery Network  
  • Designing blob hierarchies  
  • Configuring custom domains  
  • Scaling Blob storage  
  • Working with Azure File storage  

Implement Azure Storage tables  

  • Using basic CRUD operations  
  • Querying using ODATA  
  • Designing, managing, and scaling table partitions  

Implement Azure storage queues  

  • Adding messages to a queue  
  • Processing messages  
  • Retrieving a batch of messages  
  • Scaling queues  

Manage access  

  • Generating shared access signatures  
  • Creating stored access policies  
  • Regenerating storage account keys  
  • Configuring and using Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
  • Monitor storage  
  • Configuring storage metrics  
  • Analyzing storage metrics  
  • Configuring Storage Analytics Logging  
  • Analyzing storage logs  

Manage application and network services  

Integrate an app with Azure Active Directory  o Creating a directory  

  • Managing users  
  • Integrating applications  
  • Querying directories with the Graph API  

Configure a virtual network  

  • Creating a virtual network 
  • Adding a VM to a virtual network  
  • Deploying a cloud service to a virtual network  

SQL Azure (Databases in Azure)  

SQL Azure Overview  

  • What is SQL Azure?  
  • SQL Azure Architecture  
  • SQL Azure Security  
  • Provision and Connect to Database  
  • Comparing SQL Azure to SQL Server  

SQL Azure Pricing  

  • SQL Azure Pricing  
  • Understanding the SQL Azure Bill  
  • A Real SQL Azure Bill  

Developing for SQL Azure  

  • Candidate Applications  
  • SQL Azure Scenarios/Taxonomy  
  • Deployment Architecture  
  • Microsoft Tooling  
  • Using the SQL Azure Tools  
  • Development Choices  
  • Developing with SQL Azure  
  • Connection Termination 

Migrating Data to SQL Azure  

  • What can move?  
  • Migrating Access with the Access SSMA  
  • Migrating Databases  
  • Preparing for the move  
  • Migration Tasks  
  • Planning your migration  
  • Common Hurdles  
  • Tools 
  • Migrating a database with existing tools.



The javaTpoint Advantage:

We partner with you to understand and address your unique transformation imperatives. We work in transparent consultation with you to devise best-in-class solutions and define the best course of action to implement them across your organization. Our integrated consulting and IT services will bring continuity and consistency to your strategic programs.

We will help you with the following:

  • Adapt to the changing market conditions.
  • Adapt new technologies.
  • Innovate continually.
  • Align IT with business goals.
  • Optimize costs, while maintaining high customer satisfaction.
  • Accelerate time-to-market for new products and services.
  • Integrate distributed operations and systems into a cohesive organization.

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