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16-November-2022 Software Testing

Skills Required for a Software Tester Professional

Software testing is the process of checking the software to remove errors or to detect any malfunctions before launching in the market. Developers design the software application based on the user's requirements

Skills Required for a Software Tester Professional

What is Software Testing?

Software testing is the process of checking the software to remove errors or to detect any malfunctions before launching in the market. Developers design the software application based on the user's requirements. After the development stage, testing the software is an essential part. The software tester tests the software to eradicate the current error and to prevent the error from occurring in the future and checks the workflow of the application. Software testing is divided into two types manual testing and automation testing.

Skills Required for a Software Tester Professional

  1. The software tester should know about the methods and parameters present in the software testing. They must be capable of distinguishing the multiple ways present in software testing.
  2. In I.T. Industry, every technology has its frequent updating and trend. Coming to the concept of software testing, there is always a new updation present. The professionals should constantly update it regularly to work better in the industry.
  3. Should have strong technical and computer skills and a passion for work.

Qualifications Required

  • A U.G. degree related to Computer Science after completing their Higher Education.
  • A Master's in Software Engineering, Computer Application, or Technology is required.
  • If an individual is from a Commerce background, they can opt for Bachelor in Computer Application.

What will Software Tester Do?

  • Professionals check the quality of the software.
  • The user-friendliness and inter-browser acceptance are checked
  • Prevent the software from external attacks such as malicious code or software failures
  • The tester does stress testing to ensure that the software application works efficiently in critical situations and the heavy traffic of the user.
  • The professional keeps updating the new feature to work more effectively in testing.

Various Positions Present in Software Testing

The demand for software testing professionals is increasing day by day. Every software application undergoes various testing processes before launching in the I.T. industry. Some of the positions available in the Software Testing field are,

QA Analyst-It is the primary technical position, where the fresher is appointed to this position to gain experience. The job is to identify faults and errors in software and correct them.

Test lead-The process of managing the Q.A.s and testing team

Test Manager- working on the complete testing process, resource allocation, and management.

Automation Tester-The automation testing involves coding knowledge where one has to write the automated test scripts to test software for expected results.

Test Architect-The test architect position is based on technical knowledge where one should manage testing practices and automation framework for various projects.

Pros of Software Tester Professional

Creativity is increased

Usually, people like to be innovative and show interest in innovative ideas. To acquire a creative and challenging position in I.T., software testing is one field among various fields. The professionals in this job must think a lot to test the software based on the business requirement. They must feel like a client and try the software under various stages to meet its requirement. The tester needs to update the current trend and develop multiple locations to test the software, which helps the developers to build the product differently.

Multiple Fields and Learning Curve

As a software tester professional, the business clients are from various fields such as Medical, Banking, Military, Education, etc. So they can choose the different testing options such as Automation Testing, Manual Testing, and Performance Testing offer several pathways. The learning curve in software testing varies daily, and the required professionals should learn new technology based on the software product and business requirements. So constant learning occurs in the software testing field, which helps the professionals to gain more knowledge and opportunity.

Increase in Demand

Software testing is a challenging job that involves solving complex problems and finding an appropriate approach to the issues. So there exists a demand for testing professionals in many companies. The software testing job plays a significant role in the software development cycle, so the person with the particular skill can easily acquire a good position and salary.

Challenging and Good start in the I.T. field

Software testing is a challenging job where one is supposed to think and find the possible to the product, which makes the job an interesting one. People with basic I.T. and programming knowledge have the chance to start their careers as Q.A. analysts in software testing. Digital transformation is a trend everywhere, where the need for various quality software is increasing. From startups to large companies, they recruit Q.A. Analysts to improve their software product. Moreover, QA provides different career options, which helps to gain working experience.

Continuous Development

Software Testing is not a tedious job, where the professional has to study the latest trend and technology and find a solution to the software product. This enhances the testing professionals to achieve more in this field. Continuous development is available in this field which helps the user to achieve more.

Cons of Software Tester Professional

Communication Proficiency

Being a Q.A. Analyst, one must be well versed in English knowledge. Most of the projects are from International clients, and English proficiency is mandatory to maintain a smooth relationship between the testing team.

Software Product

In the software development cycle, after the development process, the final stage of the product is testing which depends upon the tester. The testing professionals must balance the heavy workload and stress to make the product run successfully, and they have to contribute more to make the product successful reasonably.


The active lifestyle of a software tester is mainly based on a passive work mode. In I.T. companies, they promote gyms, games, etc., which reduce people's stress. But testing jobs are sometimes allowed to work remotely, so the tester needs to organize their work according to that.

Heavy Competition

Sometimes this job may seem complicated, so one passionate about working will do this job efficiently. Moreover, it has high competition where one is supposed to update the everyday trends and technology to sustain in this field and acquire an elevated position.

Team Communication

The software professional must communicate with the managers, customers, and colleagues to provide a successful product. Finding a common language is a little tricky, so the tester needs to be proficient in various languages.


Software Testing is an integral part of the software development process. Every job has pros and cons—frequent technological updates and endless passion help achieve more in this field.




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