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16-November-2022 Java

What is a Cloud Engineer?

Cloud Engineer is an IT professional who maintains and handles technological operations such as designing, management, planning, maintenance and support.

What is a Cloud Engineer?

What is a Cloud Engineer?

Cloud Engineer is an IT professional who maintains and handles technological operations such as designing, management, planning, maintenance and support. Cloud engineer sometimes acts as cloud architect, software engineer, security engineer, system engineer, and network engineer. They perform the job of maintaining the cloud infrastructure, deploying applications, maintaining the security for cloud-based platforms and applications, maintaining hardware and software facilities and maintaining the network infrastructure. The usage of cloud computing is increasing daily, and it is a blooming and evergreen technology where cloud professionals have a bright future.

Skills Required Becoming a Cloud Engineer

1. Knowledge about Linux OS

To become a cloud engineer, one should know about the Linux Operating System. By understanding the features and functionalities of the Linux operating system, one can quickly become a cloud engineer and cloud architect. This is done quickly by installing a Virtual Machine using Virtual Box to create VM in a cloud environment. Some complex commands can be used to install various software, load analysis, lodging packages, and allowing modifications.

2. Programming Skills

Programming Skills play an efficient role in becoming a cloud engineer. Below given are some languages in which one should be proficient in cloud engineer.

  • ASP.NET: This programming language provides dynamic web pages and cutting-edge solutions for different browsers
  • SQL: Learning this language helps the user to store, manipulate and process a large amount of data.
  • Python: It helps one create more minor applications for Amazon Web Services.
  • Golang: It provides parallelism management and concurrency while working with GCP.
  • PHP: Helps to automate websites with various functions.

Learning the above commands can quickly become a master in cloud computing technology.

3. Internet and Networking Knowledge

Learning Internet and networking knowledge is essential to becoming a professional cloud engineer. The client has various queries, where the cloud engineer is supposed to work in networking infrastructure which requires Internet. Hence learning thoroughly about the Internet and networking helps to pursue a good position in cloud-based technologies.

4. DevOps and Containers

DevOps, called development and Operation, is a familiar framework in cloud computing, and it is a highly demanding framework for individuals interested in AWS. Abstracting each application in the cloud, which is easy to deploy, is called Containerization. Hence it is necessary to learn Docker or Kubernetes to become a sound cloud engineer.

5. Concept of Virtualization

Running application software in virtual machines helps to reduce hardware dependency and fault tolerance which is a desirable skill for cloud engineers. Depending upon the personal individual, hardware faces a problem when scaling. Some virtual devices in the cloud are EC2 and Lambda for serverless computing.

6. Cloud Service Providers

To understand the complete knowledge about cloud computing, one can choose any of their desired cloud service providers to understand completely and clearly. The familiar cloud service providers include AWS, Azure etc. The cloud service provides functionalities such as computing, storage, databases, ML and Migration. AWS is leading the top position in cloud storage, where Azure is a Microsoft product which integrates almost all stacks of Microsoft products. These service providers provide a free tier for usage where the user can get enough practice and training.

7. Storage

There exist multiple benefits of cloud storage, such as Greater accessibility, Reliability, Quick development, Strong Protection, Data backup and archive, disaster recovery and cost optimization. The four types of storage available in the cloud include,

  • Personal Cloud Storage
  • Public Cloud Storage
  • Private Cloud Storage
  • Hybrid Cloud Storage

One should know where to store the data in the cloud because of the varying size and volume of the organization. The various cloud storage includes S3, Glacier in AWS, blobs and Queues, and Data Lakes in Azure.

8. API and Web Services

The cloud architecture is based on Web Services and an API.Web service allows developers the method of integrating web applications over the Internet. Some web services are XML, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI, some of the open standards used to tag data and transfer data, describing the list and services. Thus, the new ones should have experience working on websites and knowledge that has a strong core in developing Cloud Architecture.


From the article, what are the necessary skills that one should possess for a professional Cloud Engineer? Cloud Computing is a versatile domain, and gaining an in-depth understanding of the skills is helpful for the individual to pursue a promising career in future.



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