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Web Designing Training Institute in Noida


Web Design Training Institute, Course, Fees, and Jobs

Javatpoint provides the best training in Noida to be a full-time web designer. This training helps students understand the core concept of web design and the numerous technologies involved in web design. we provide basic to advanced Web design training courses all over Noida, including experience by working on live projects and full-time job assistance, thus making it one of the most recognized web designing institute in Noida. And we provide bet industrial training as per today's standards.

Why is Javatpoint best for Web design Training?

We have highly skilled trainers with the best of industry experience. We not only work on theoretical knowledge but also tend to provide practical skills that make them understand the concept using live projects. We can say that Javatpoint is the best web design training institute in Noida, as along with the best tutoring, we also offer job support and interview preparation.

At Javatpoint, we provide the best opportunities and all related information accessible to provide the best opportunities for deserving candidates according to their qualification.

What kind of job can I get after the Web Design Training course from Javatpoint?

After receiving a certification in Web designing, the candidate can either opt for a higher degree in the same area, or they become eligible for numerous job positions in the present market like

Freelancer – since 2022, post covid situation has given an advantage to a freelance market where individual developers can work on a certain project and earn a handsome amount.

Full-stack developer – great demand of fresher and experienced individuals and are in great demand amongst new start-ups.

Front end developer – UI / UX developers are the key to representing a brand's face and are in great demand.

Back-end developer – server-side scripting and developing a complex algorithm using languages like Java, PPH, python, etc. These positions are among the highest paid jobs available in

product development opportunities in the IT sector. With proper experience and training, a person can work as a product developer and even lead a team or an entire process.

These are some of the high-paying jobs in the current working market. Also, students do not require any prior coding experience.

This course, web development, focuses on Javascript, HTML, CSS. Algorithms, databases, web applications, etc., completion certification, is provided to all participating learners. The top 5% acquire the merit certificate issued by us and a personalized letter of recommendation.

Structural break down of the Web Design Training course?

The course is designed in a simplified roadmap where a person with basic computer knowledge can excel in web designing after completing the course.

  • In the beginning, the course tends to give a hands-on experience in basic designing stuff using Photoshop, starting with an overview of Adobe Photoshop's workplace how to use all the tools, moving on further by designing simple templates, menus, various navigation bars, image effects, portfolio design and with a final project to design a portfolio of a complete website.
  • Starting with the scripting part, the course starts with HTML (hypertext markup language), a scripting language used to create the basic structure that includes buttons, navbar, footer, main section, and different sections of the web page. The course include basic to advance HTML training that includes HTML 5 web workers HTML 5 SSE, HTML 5 web storage app cache, HTML 5 form elements HTML 5 form attributes html 5 segments, HTML 5 input types, HTML 5 geolocation HTML 5 SVG, HTML 5 canvas and much more.
  • The second part includes CSS designing (cascade style sheets), another scripting language used to modify pre-created HTML elements by altering the traits of the tag introduced. The students will be creating an eye-catching, attractive, and distinct-looking static webpage capable of being hosted on the web.
  • The dynamic front is where students are taught to make a static web page more dynamic and add multiple functionalities using JavaScript as a programming language. The students will be taught basic to advanced JavaScript, including basic programming concepts like loops, arrays, strings, etc., and DOM (Document object model) manipulations.
  • Along with basic dynamic web development, Javatpoint web designing training include javascript framework like JQuery, which drastically reduce the time and efforts to perform javascript operations. And Bootstrap to easily modify and perform CSS operations.

Importance of Web development

Web designing and development is one of the most admired skills in the 2022 market, and web developers are in great demand amongst all the budding start-ups. Being a front-end developer requires a creative mind and a great sense of color combination as the front-end developer is tasked to create all visual stuff a visitor sees on a website. The main task includes creating visually attractive, easy-to-understand, retaining visitors for a longer period and motivating them to visit the page more often.

Moreover, web design allows a person to construct a beautiful website with multiple technologies and build a career in the same Javatpoint is one of the best institutes to prepare from. The trainers help every individual understand all aspects of web design through one-on-one teaching and later by creating a personal project by implying those skills. The teaching staff is across the leading web design industry, and students can benefit from their experience.

While undergoing this course, students will get enough experience to plan an effective web page design and then create the page using HTML and CSS and later by enhancing the page using javascript and jquery. Also, this course starts with the basic introduction using HTML and CSS, and thus, it does not require any previous coding knowledge or any other stuff related to web design. The course is enough to become a master web designer.

Javatpoint teaches students to design and build complex and large web projects like e-commerce applications and social media sites, which can be used as major projects in college or further worked upon and treated as a start-up. The course is form basic to advance apart from html, CSS, and other programming languages. The course also completes advanced design principles, branding design, color theory, typography, etc., by the end. Every individual is required to design and create their portfolio website.

Also, this course comes with placement support with highly skilled staff at java t point. The best candidates will be referred to top IT companies.

Some of the major advantages of studying web design

  • Best and well-designed web development course present in the market
  • Regular and weekend batches as per the industry requirement
  • Expert teaching staff with proper industrial experience to give the best support to students
  • Every student is helped to build a live project.
  • we also help as placement support.
  • Students can visit any time for doubt clearance and extra support
  • One of the main advantages of joining us is that we also provide personality development classes and communication improvement training as well
  • We also provide interview support and prepare them for all types of interviews and also provide any tool necessary for learning
  • 24 / 7 faculty available
  • Our curriculum is designed so that students pursuing it will be able to clear all related exams, and the certification is valid amongst all bug MNCs.
  • As per the curriculum, every individual has to work on a live project that will give them the experience of working incorporate. The assignments provided will help in better understanding the technology. Also, with live projects, it becomes easy to land a high-paying job in big multinationals.
  • Also, at the end of the web design course, there will be an aptitude test that will resemble the same that MNC holds, and we will grade based on your test, and best scorers are also provided a letter of recommendation. Javatpoint certifications are well recognized all around India.
  • Javatpoint consists of highly skilled professionals trained in a specific industry and have adequate skills to identify, evaluate, and provide the best training in Noida.

The best institute to learn Web design in Noida.

Javatpoint is the best institute in Noida that offers Web design training from basic to advance levels to secure the best position and your dream job at your desired destination. Their complete web design course from beginner to advanced by Java t point, Noida, is designed so that the person who graduated will eventually match the maintained standards. The student will be taught to make dynamic interactive websites. It is the best institute in Noida as we offer the learners to understand how to construct the basic structure of web page using HTML, along with the installation of web servers like PHP, python, nodeJs and database servers like MySQL or MongoDB also the course includes JavaScript, and latest frameworks, etc. Also, with live support, learners can be proficient in server-side languages and handling databases. And once a person completes training from our institute, the person can directly enroll as a junior web developer and corporates. As a distinguished full-stack developer.

Perks of studying Web development from JavaTPoint: -

  • The web design training course maintains present industry standards. It is structured and well defined, and it is divided amongst training modules so that person can learn one step at a time.
  •  Regular inspection and question banks to enhance skills and knowledge
  • The course is made by certified experts and real-life industry experts with at least 5 years of experience in a particular field
  • The PHP training module contains major and minor projects, live coding sessions with experts, interview preparation questions, etc.
  • 24 / 7 available faculty for students to completely understand concepts
  • Non-chargeable personality development, group discussion, mock interviews, and soft skills sessions to ace in interviews
  • Globally Recognized Course Completion Certificate.
  • Extra hours and supervision for slow learners
  • One-on-One attention by instructors.
  • Knowledge of complex technical concepts.
  • Payment options: Cheque, Cash, Credit Card, Debit card, Net Banking.

Can a fresher become a Web designer?

Web Designer is one of the best options for you, provided by JavaTpoint training institute in Noida. Being one of the most popular field and one of the most in-demand skills amongst recruiters. It tends to be an amazing career opportunity for freshers as it is very easy to learn. And almost all multinationals require someone with knowledge of web and also one need to understand the necessary skills required to become a hit in this industry.

How do I become a web designer?

To be a web designer we need to understand the function of few mentioned technologies

  • Hypertext mark-up language - HTML
  • CSS – cascade style sheets
  • JavaScript
  • GitHub.
  • MongoDB or MYSQL
  • Programming skills
  • HTTP and REST
  • Web Architecture.
  • Databases and Web Storage. knowledge


  • Photoshop  
  • Basic in Photoshop  
  • Tools in Photoshop  
  • Simple templates design  
  • menu in Photoshop  
  • different navigation bar  
  • image effects  
  • Design your portfolio page  
  • Design a high end web designing from scratch  Design a cool Photography Portfolio  
  • Unique Desktop Layout  


  • HTML Introduction  
  • HTML Editors  
  • HTML Basic  
  • HTML Elements  
  • HTML Attributes  
  • HTML Headings  
  • HTML Paragraphs  
  • HTML Formatting  
  • HTML Links  
  • HTML Head  
  • HTML CSS  
  • HTML Images  
  • HTML Tables  
  • HTML Lists  
  • HTML Blocks  
  • HTML Layout  
  • HTML Forms  
  • HTML Iframes  
  • HTML Colors  
  • HTML Colornames  
  • HTML Colorvalues  
  • HTML JavaScript 
  • HTML Entities  
  • HTML URL Encode  
  • HTML Quick List  
  • HTML Summary  
  • HTML5  
  • HTML5 Intro  
  • HTML5 New Elements  HTML5 Canvas  
  • HTML5 SVG  
  • HTML5 Drag/Drop  
  • HTML5 Geolocation  
  • HTML5 Video  
  • HTML5 Audio  
  • HTML5 Input Types  
  • HTML5 Form Elements  HTML5 Form Attributes  HTML5 Semantic  
  • HTML5 Web Storage  HTML5 App Cache  
  • HTML5 Web Workers  HTML5 SSE  


  • CSS Basic  
  • CSS HOME  
  • CSS Introduction  
  • CSS Syntax  
  • CSS Id & Class  
  • CSS How To  
  • CSS Backgrounds  
  • CSS Text  
  • CSS Fonts  
  • CSS Links  
  • CSS Lists  
  • CSS Tables 
  •  CSS Box Model  
  • CSS Box Model  
  • CSS Border  
  • CSS Outline  
  • CSS Margin  
  • CSS Padding  
  • CSS Advanced  
  • CSS Grouping/Nesting  CSS Dimension  
  • CSS Display  
  • CSS Positioning  
  • CSS Floating  
  • CSS Align  
  • CSS Pseudo-class  
  • CSS Pseudo-element  CSS Navigation Bar  CSS Image Gallery  
  • CSS Image Opacity  
  • CSS Image Sprites  
  • CSS Media Types  
  • CSS Attr Selectors  
  • CSS3 Introduction  
  • CSS3 Borders  
  • CSS3 Backgrounds  
  • CSS3 Gradients  
  • CSS3 Text Effects  
  • CSS3 Fonts  
  • CSS3 2D Transforms  CSS3 3D Transforms  CSS3 Transitions  
  • CSS3 Animations  
  • CSS3 Multiple Columns 


  • What is JavaScript  
  • Understanding Events  JavaScript Example  
  • External JavaScript  
  • Basic Elements  
  • Comment  
  • Variable  
  • Global Variable  
  • Data Types  
  • operators  
  • If Statement  
  • Switch  
  • Loop: for and while  
  • Function  
  • JavaScript Objects  
  • JavaScript objects  
  • JavaScript Array  
  • Browser Object Model  
  • Browser Objects  
  • Window Object  
  • Document Object  
  • getElementById  
  • getElementsByName  getElementsByTagName  innerHTML property  
  • inner Text property  
  • JavaScript Validation 
  •  form validation  
  • email validation  


  • jQuery HOME  
  • jQuery Intro  
  • jQuery Install  
  • jQuery Syntax  
  • jQuery Selectors  
  • jQuery Events  
  • jQuery Hide/Show  
  • jQuery Fade  
  • jQuery Slide  
  • jQuery Animate  
  • jQuery stop()  
  • jQuery Callback  
  • jQuery Chaining  
  • jQuery GetjQuery Set  jQuery Add  
  • jQuery Remove  
  • jQuery CSS Classes  jQuery css()  
  • jQuery Dimensions  jquery slider  


  • Bootsrap Istallation  Bootstrap Example  Bootstrap Container 
  • Bootstrap Jumbotron Bootstrap Buttons 
  • Bootstrap Grid 
  • Bootstrap Table 
  • Bootstrap Form 
  • Bootstrap Carousel 
  • Etc  
  • Project

Current Updates and Scenario


  • New version of bootstrap version is introduced to make responsive website.
  • Flat and material design is introduced.
  • Introduction to CTA (Call to action) button.
  • Parallax Scrolling is introduced.
  • UX/UI is improved.


Current Scenario

Website development is in its prime stage where more online users are present. Website development has increased rapidly due to which need of website designer has also increased. Many new technology and application are designed specifically on designer oriented.


  • Higher Search Engine Ranking
  • Greater & Quick Access
  • Generate More Revenue
  • Faster Webpages
  • Easier Analytics Reporting


Web designing can never go out of job creating field as world is getting more online. Many new technologies are developing according to the designer need. AI and Big data analysis are also being integrated to the web designing.

Why JavaTpoint

  • Life Time Validity: Once you are enrolled in JavaTpoint for java training, you can revise your topic or whole syllabus any time. Even you can revise after 5 years
  • Training by Java Professionals: You will get trained by java professionals who have 5+ years of experience. Our best trainers are Mr. Sonoo Jaiswal
  • Problem Solving Team: We have experts on java training who are ready to help the students for any java problems.
  • Project Development: We develop 2 projects using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and Bootstrap from very core in front of students. We make you able to develop projects not just providing project.
  • Small Batches to focus on each student
  • We mainly focus on practical classes rather than theoretical classrooms.


Web designing is the field of creativity having technical knowledge to implement the creativity. Web designer has the ability to create a website quite effortlessly. Web designing is the field which will grow exponentially in the future.


The javaTpoint Advantage:

We partner with you to understand and address your unique transformation imperatives. We work in transparent consultation with you to devise best-in-class solutions and define the best course of action to implement them across your organization. Our integrated consulting and IT services will bring continuity and consistency to your strategic programs.

We will help you with the following:

  • Adapt to the changing market conditions.
  • Adapt new technologies.
  • Innovate continually.
  • Align IT with business goals.
  • Optimize costs, while maintaining high customer satisfaction.
  • Accelerate time-to-market for new products and services.
  • Integrate distributed operations and systems into a cohesive organization.

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