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16-November-2022 Salesforce

Why is Salesforce in demand in 2022?

why Salesforce is in demand in 2022. Using Salesforce technology is inevitable in this digital world, and it has enormous features and functions that help increase business widely.

Why is Salesforce in demand in 2022?

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is an American cloud-based software company launched in February 1999 by Marc Benioff and Parker Harris. In olden times the customer's data were managed manually, which is stored in files from startups to large companies. As technology and generation pass, the technique seems to be tie consuming process. Hence companies started to use Excel sheet, which is tough to maintain sometimes.

Finally, a method called CRM is introduced, Customer Relationship Management, to overcome the cons of an existing form. At the initial stage, it is hosted on a Company's server, but it seems an expensive and time-consuming process. To reduce the difficulty, CRM software is built and provided entirely online as a service in a cost-effective and affordable manner. Therefore, Salesforce is a powerful CRM tool which offers support, sales and marketing team for businesses Worldwide.

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How is Salesforce used in business?

It is a cloud technology used to connect with partners, potential customers and customers to track their activity, market to customers etc. The Salesforce users can view the data visually using the dashboard. It also helps to improve customer serviceability and sales team outreach efforts.

Salesforce Architecture

The Salesforce architecture consists of three layers. They are,

Multi-tenant – Salesforce stores the data in a database, where the software server contains multiple tenants. Several clients are shared with a single application service to make it cost-effective. But in the multi-tenant, the client is responsible for the development and maintenance costs. Therefore multi-tenant architecture is developed.

Metadata –This tool helps the developers to build the application. This metadata tool is used for customization and scaling up easy.

Application Program Interface- This powerful API helps develop and customize the Salesforce1 Mobile App and helps plan and implement the Salesforce design effectively.

Salesforce Service

The Salesforce service is sub-divided into,

SAAS (Software as a Service)-The user can obtain the built-in software on this platform

PAAS (Platform as A Service)-This provides a framework and platform to develop the user's website and applications.

IAAS-(Infrastructure as a Service)-It provides an infrastructure for the user to develop the applications.

Reason Why Salesforce is in Demand in 2022

  1. Better Time Optimization

Time management is essential to develop and increase sales in business. Salesforce manages time by placing the client's data in a single place. Therefore there is no need to search the data everywhere, which reduces the searching time in logs and files. This helps the leads be easily transformed into customers. Salesforce uses a calendar feature, which is used to organize a plan, projects, phone calls, and meetings which helps to manage everything in one place. It helps to act according to future meetings.

2. Multiple Accessibility

Salesforce is cloud software that helps to be accessible anytime and using any device. As business people need to travel a lot like cities, national and international places, they can access using laptop, desktop or Smartphone. It helps to stay updated with the clients, and essential information is accessed easily. Even though accessibility is given, the data is kept secure in a file or server.


3. Helps in Business Development

Maintaining the customer's data without the cloud makes it more costly in today's digital world. Moreover, manual work is increased by arranging and sorting the data, which increases the administrative work and makes it challenging to connect with customers. To eradicate this difficulty, Salesforce cloud helps more broadly by increasing customer relationship management, increasing the business profits, allowing to stay associated with the customers, spend more time in business etc. Hence it reduces the workload and pressure on the business people, which helps develop the business.

4. Good Customer Satisfaction

Not only does it increase revenue, but it increases customer satisfaction too.CRM tool helps to identify customers' needs and the state of the relationship with the business people. It helps to spend less time on administrative duties and connects customers through a common platform. It allows faster access to the customer's data, information, purchase history and preferences. These enormous features help to gain more customers with the review of existing customers, which increases the business profit.

5. Good Team Communication

The Salesforce software helps to connect with the team members for communication purposes regarding work-related topics, products or services, client data and information and other services. This relationship between the team member and clients helps enhance the business.



The above article discusses why Salesforce is in demand in 2022. Using Salesforce technology is inevitable in this digital world, and it has enormous features and functions that help increase business widely.

































































































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